Report and optimize CO2 emissions
of your digital campaigns & website

ISO certified digital CO2 calculator to help companies
minimize their digital carbon footprint without compromising conversions
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Report your media’s CO2 emissions with EcoMetrics®

Measure CO2 emissions of your digital media
EcoMetrics® allows advertisers of all sizes to measure the Scope 3 emissions of their digital campaign across programmatic, display, video, search, affiliate and paid social
Reduce your CO2 footprint
EcoMetrics® provides actionable data to reduce your CO2 footprint without damaging your business
ISO Certified Measurement Methodology
EcoMetrics® methodology is certified according to ISO 14067 standard, ensuring the highest quality and reliability of our reporting
EcoMetrics® enables brands to accurately measure the carbon footprint of their digital activities and manage their ESG strategies with a certified, reliable solution

Enable Scope 3 Reporting
and Compliance

EcoMetrics® simplifies the complex world of sustainability reporting, specifically targeting scope 3 emissions related to digital marketing. Our digital CO2 calculator is designed to help brands meet mandatory requirements with confidence thanks to the ISO 14067 certification. Whether you’re navigating CSRD mandates or seeking to enhance your brand’s sustainability profile, EcoMetrics® provides the insights and analytics needed to achieve compliance and sustainability goals seamlessly.

Balancing Conversions and Emissions for Smarter Decisions

EcoMetrics® easily integrates conversion data from all media, empowering advertisers to make informed, environmentally-conscious decisions. By highlighting campaigns that yield high emissions yet deliver low conversions, EcoMetrics® offers a strategic tool to identify and eliminate inefficient advertising spend. This dual-focus approach not only enhances the effectiveness of digital marketing efforts but also aligns them with sustainability goals, enabling advertisers to optimize their campaigns for both performance and environmental impact seamlessly.


Our comprehensive proprietary methodology encompasses every step of serving a creative, from server emissions and transmission across networks to display on user devices for each creative. EcoMetrics® delivers precise measurements across all media channels—including display, programmatic, search, paid social, and affiliate marketing—and all devices, such as web, mobile app, and Connected TV. Our methodology is certified under ISO 14067, and we are proud members of global associations like Ad Net Zero, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability in advertising.
0,13 kg of eCO2 are produced
In a campaign for each 1000 impressions
(Example analysis)
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EcoMetrics® can transform your digital carbon footprint.
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